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Non-Surgical Gum Therapy

It is possible that in spite of your best efforts you may require more aggressive gum therapy. Like many other ailments gum disease can be quite painless due to its slow progression.

After a thorough periodontal screening and examination we may recommend more aggressive therapies aimed at eliminating or reducing the amounts of bacterial poisons and plaque accumulating below the gum line, (generally cleaning and polishing of teeth is above the gum-line). This involves scailing and root-planing and/or treatment with site specific administration of medications to the affected gums.  In periodontal disease,  gums are chronically irritated by the presence of  bacterial accumulations commonly known as tartar deep below the  gum-line. This bacteria needs to be removed so that proper soft tissue healing can occur.

Gum disease does not happen over night and treatment generally is spread out over time as the effectiveness of a procedure needs to be assessed before the next takes place. Generally your condition is re-assessed in time to evaluate if you will  need Phase II Periodontal Treatment . Often Phase II Periodontal Treatment allows for advanced  healing of the gum and bone, reduced mobility of teeth and a greatly improved prognosis.

Dr. Coty's hygiene team will work with you to assure that you have access to the care that best suits your needs. They will also help you hone your home-care skills so that you can maintain the optimum level of health that you want.


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